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Cloud IT Support

The Cloud is a global virtual infrastructure providing an off-site platform for anything from fully hosted corporate IT infrastructures down to simple on-line backups or just somewhere to store your photo's.

Through our strategic partnerships with market leading Cloud providers we are able to offer your business a viable alternative to the traditional in-house (or as it's called in the trade, 'on-premis') physical IT infrastructure.

However there are two types of Cloud, public and private. The Public Cloud is the off-site infrastructure described above, whereas a Private Cloud uses exactly the same virtual technology but is built on your own internal system. There are pro's and con's to both, so before you make any big decisions that could have a huge impact on your business, talk to us and get an unbiased opinion.

We offer both Public and Private Cloud solutions driven by the global leader in virtualisation technology, VMware. We want the right choice for you, not us.